A fresh new approach to connecting the individual talents of beauty pros with clients


As you may have noticed, there’s a growing market for apps that allow you to schedule a professional hairstylist to come to your house whenever you want and perform a variety of services. These apps are filling a demand from working women and busy moms for convenience, flexibility and time savings.

These apps deliver services such as blowouts, updos or makeup. They are offered by various companies and you, the customer, must rely on the company’s reputation and hope that they will deliver what they promise.

These companies train their contractors to produce uniform results so it really doesn’t matter who comes to your door. Since they are all trained the same way, they will all produce more or less the same result. Sound good, right? Well, it works for some, but not every client likes the cookie cutter approach.

In the past couple of years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting many hard working, talented beauty professionals. What we found is that many of these creative professionals have their own unique style and they want to build their own brands, reputations and businesses. They don’t want to live under someone else’s brand and a predefined, one-size-fits-all approach.

The most talented pros want to build their businesses from recognition of their specialties and the quality of their work. Unfortunately, today they have to rely entirely on word of mouth. Most don’t have the time nor expertise to market themselves and this is why many of them work at salons instead of building their own freelance businesses.

All this raises a series of questions. How can clients find these unique, independent-minded pros? How do they know how good they are? How can the pros find new clients? How can it work when every pro has different prices and levels of expertise? BelBella has set out to find answers.

As we moved our thinking further and further towards the point of view of the individual beauty pro, we saw the need to find a way to put these artists on center stage in such a way that their uniqueness and quality would shine through. Doing so would enable clients choose the perfect pro.

We decided that ratings and reviews from actual clients was the only way forward. We allow clients to rate the actual results that they enjoyed. This requires total transparency from all parties. The ratings that show up beside the pro’s name are not based on what a company, a salon, or even our company things. It’s based on what clients say and nothing else. Clients will be able to see how many bellas (we call a pro’s clients “bellas”) a pro has, and how many times they have been rated. We’re committed to this level of total transparency.

It was also clear from our research that each pro offers a different set of services and should be able to set their own prices. Again, if we’re all about the pro, then this only makes sense because we’re not offering a commodity product, not every hairdo or manicure are the same. Pros with different levels of experience and in different locations will offer different services and price them differently.

With transparent ratings and prices set by pros, the consumer can use their own criteria to choose the right pro for them. Some might care only to find the lowest price so they’ll look for the pros that pride themselves on offering the most economical services. Other’s may be looking for the absolute highest quality work. Still others will be somewhere in the middle. We bring clients a wide selection of pros that wish to win their business. And of course the platform also provides the convenience of online scheduling and payment.

With the next evolution of BelBella, we’ve ventured into new territory. Based on the principles of promoting the individual talent and on total transparency we’re creating the most convenient way to connect freelance pros with clients. No other app in the beauty industry takes this offers these capabilities and we’re proud to bring this fresh new approach to the market.