We’ve got your back. The complete business solution! There are lots of software apps that handle the scheduling aspects of your business. They allow you to schedule an appointment for your clients, and allow your clients to schedule you. The question is, are they really effective in transforming you from where you are to where you want to be? We created our software to have you be the focus–that was our intention. But as we’ve made progress we’ve realized that there are other aspects to be addressed in order to help make you be a real success in what you love the most. And we needed to find a way that doesn’t make you loose your sanity and your interest in what you love most.

To be successful you need skills in marketing, accounting, and business. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

At first I saw Nina online, in a video clip coaching hairstylists and salon owners on how to build successful businesses. She captivated my interest to say the least. My partners and I met Nina Tulio in a live coaching session that she conducted. We quickly saw a shared vision. BelBella provides the software and Nina provides the business educational resources. Both taken together will provide you all that you need to be successful.

So many of the posts that you are going to see here are written by Nina Tulio.  If you need additional advice or private couching, you can visit Nina’s site.