We take care of the booking, payment and client management, so you can focus on the magic that you do for your clients

Why BelBella?

It’s the only app that focus on the needs of the Traveling Beauty professionals


It is so easy to book me now

Lilie Booker, Natick
I go to many client's homes to do their hair. The problem was that they all call or text me, and because of my busy schedule, I sometimes forget to call back right away. And when I finally do call, they've already booked with somebody else. Now they have no excuse. They book me on the BelBella app or through the site. They can see my schedule, and book me accordingly. I'm always accessible to book, and that excuse of "could not get the hold of you" is out the door, Amen to that!
Lilie Booker, a hairstylist that specializes in updos

No more no-shows or last minute cancelations

Jennie Petit, Boston
I have many hair clients that used to call me (some of them still do) to schedule appointments for me to come to their house. I hated the back and forth with voicemails and texts. Sometimes my clients call or text to cancel. I say nothing because I don't want to loose them. I bite my lips and say "sure, no problem." Now that I use the BelBella Pro app, free cancelation doesn't happens. I texted my clients a link to the BelBella app. Now when my clients book me, if they need to cancel than they better do it soon--within 3 hours before my appointments with them. The policy is right there and I don't need to justify it anymore. I'm seen as more professional and I can focus on what I love doing, which is HAIR.
Jennie Petit, a hairstylist that specializes in natural hair.